Laptop repair

April 9, 2009

zoostorm2It just shows how we rely on technology in the photography profession that the first blog post is about computers rather than pictures!

The display on the Zoostorm laptop we use for customer to view their pictures went faulty recently. Unfortunately it was just a month out of warranty so the ‘manufacturer’, PC Next Day Ltd wasn’t much help apart from recommending Micro Nano Information Technology as the people they use for repairs.

I am quite wary who I deal with on the internet & couldn’t find any reviews of their work using Google but as they were recommended & seemed to know what they were talking about off went the laptop. After a week they let me know it had been repaired so I transfered the repair fee over to their bank account (they don’t take cards) & had a fixed computer back this morning.

In case you’re wondering they charged £140 inc. VAT & carriage for replacement of the video chips. The only minor problem I had was connecting back onto our network (for security we don’t use wireless) as our network settings had been erased. However, I’ve been caught out like that before so I had made a note of the DNS settings, popping them back in fixed the problem.

So I can recommend Micro Nano Information Technology of Telford but am rather disappointed with Zoostorm laptops. By the way, it is a rebadged Mitac.