fsc3png___09_04_2009_02_14_13We were pleased to see that with their latest shipment our suppliers have announced that the blue folders we use to protect our photographs are now FSC ‘Credit Certified’.

Photography & being environmentally friendly are very rarely discussed together. As a business we do the usual with, for example, energy saving display lights & keeping the heating running efficiently.

However, we’ve been lead up dead ends. We’ve tried The Radiator Booster featured on Dragons Den but found as we had efficient convecting radiators anyway they didn’t help with the heating. They were also environmentally ‘unfriendly’ with the noise the fans made!

So if it is just knowing our folders come from sustainably managed forests then we can be a little happier. With looking after our environment every bit helps!


May 1, 2009



Photographs of the gorgeous Maddison are now on Facebook for her friends & family to enjoy.

This is a new service we are delighted to offer to customers. If you would like pictures you’ve purchased from us put on our Facebook page just ask!

During May we’re doing it for free so don’t hang around!