Weddings help families bond

February 11, 2010

Not one of my pictures!
Linda Geddes and Nic Fleming on their wedding day (courtesy of the Daily Mail who annoyingly don't credit the photographer)

How did dedicated New Scientist reporter Linda Geddes make her wedding day even more memorable? By taking blood samples from 13 of her nearest and dearest and sending them off to a leading hormone scientist in California! And so we find out from this small experiment that there may be some biochemical reasons behind why we get married.

The Daily Telegraph headline of “Weddings help families bond so they will assist in raising the children” contrasts with the Daily Mail’s more mercenary “Weddings are a way of providing baby-sitters for the future”.

New Scientist has the unusual picture of a Bride donating blood on her wedding day captioned “Get any blood on my dress, mister, and this experiment is finished”

The great thing is that weddings do bring families together. And the big range of emotions you will experience is mirrored by swings in hormone levels. And not just for the Bride & Groom but the whole family and even friends. Well done for everyone who took part!

One thing I did notice is that the Bride’s male friend James has more of the ‘jealousy’ hormone after the ceremony than before. Would I want the world to know that?

3000 and counting!

February 6, 2010

What a milestone! We’ve now photographed over 3000 lovely babies under the amazing Cherubs scheme. The smashing Lucas from Coleford was no. 3000.

Phil, Lucas with mum, Laura and his folio

Cherubs is a national scheme run by the Master Photographers Association that records a baby’s first year with wonderful professional photography.

Each baby that gets invited to join Cherubs has three photo sessions. From each shoot the parents choose a picture that sums their baby up best at that age. They then receive the luxury folio complete with pictures after the last sitting – for free!

Lucas, my 3000th Cherub

I offer Cherubs to the parents of new babies who live in south Herefordshire, the Forest of Dean & north Monmouthshire. A lot of parents don’t believe it could really be free. If you’re a new parent watch out for my invitation letter coming through the door!

All Cherubs sessions take place in my elegant High Street studio. Part of a grade II listed Georgian building, the airy studio has a lovely atmosphere with it’s high ceiling & large windows. Having a well equipped, comfortable studio allows us to provide our customers with the highest quality pictures.

Lucas was an excellent model, a delight to photograph! He smiled brilliantly & made my job seem easy.

His mum, Laura said, “I’m really pleased with my folio. We love the pictures & it’s amazing to see how Lucas changed as he was growing up.”