Opera can be fun!

June 30, 2010

Had an excellent time at Fran & Martin's lovely, informal wedding. During the ceremony at Walford church they had a lady sing a couple of classical pieces during the signing of the register. I noticed she sang rather better than usually done by the usual ‘friend of the couple’.

But reception in a marquee at their home the talents of the wonderful opera singer, the amazing soprano Fabienne Borget were revealed. She didn’t just sing, she entertained us with several opera female love standards using the gentlemen guests as surprised participants in her show.

Fabienne Borget

Fabienne Borget serenades

To their partners & friends enjoyment & delight the poor men were blushing as Fabienne knelt pleading for her life at their feet, sat on their knees as she declared her love to them & promised herself for ever as she clasped their heads to her bosom. Grown men were reduced to doing their best to not catch her eye, hiding behind their beer glasses, as she prowled around the tables.

To be honest, opera is not on my favourites list, but the Fabienne’s show was wonderful as she gave a quick amusing resume of each piece before ‘acting it out’.

Maestro Fabarotti

Maestro Fabarotti entertains

After seeing what happened to their men the girls were disappointed to not to be included so during the speeches Fabienne disappeared & was replaced by the larger than life ‘Maestro Fabarotti’.

If you’d like to enjoy a true entertainer you can find out more about Fabienne here. Opera can be fun!

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