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February 2, 2013

We’ve have been neglecting this blog recently & instead have been busy on a well known social networking site called Facebook. So find out what we’ve been up to recently by having a look at our page there!

As well as information about usFacebook-Izzie & what we’re up to (along with great photographs—like yesterday’s post about our session with the lovely Izzie’s on the right!) we post snippets of news & other stuff that we trust you’ll find interesting. Unlike some others we do promise not to bombard you with fake offers!

You don’t have to sign up to Facebook to see our page & many photographs. So, as much as Facebook would like you to join, just cancel their requests. Just bookmark our page so you can stop by every now & again.

If you are already on Facebook we’d love you to ‘like’ us so we can keep you up to date with what is happening here at the studio.

Click on Izzie’s picture to have look now!